Of Healthier Holidays and Seasonal Cheer.

Innovative healthcare helps keep the festive spirit going.

Of healthier holidays and seasonal cheer.
Products and Innovation | Dec. 26, 2022

There’s a chill in the air and pep in your stepthe holiday season is here! We all long to fill our stockings with vacations, socializing and breaks from daily routines – all of which usually include staying high on energy and seasonal cheer. However, the thought of staying on top of chronic health conditions with tracking and doctor consultations, often diffuses this festive spirit. Everyone deserves a break for the holidays and healthcare innovations are helping to make this possible, allowing you to relax and enjoy the season, knowing your (or your loved ones’) health and wellbeing is looked after.

As you sift through the various invites pouring in and plan for errands, here’s a reminder why tech can be your perfect ‘plus one’ this holiday season:

Feasts & festivities

The festive season and celebrations are often centered around food and various indulgences. It is tough to make smart food choices and plan for timely meals – something people living with diabetes are all too familiar with! Diabetes management includes keeping diligent tabs on whether your body is getting the fuel it needs and also ensuring that your glucose levels stay within an optimum range for you. Continuous glucose monitors can help alleviate a significant amount of stress during the festivities by providing accurate, real-time readings of your glucose levels through indulgent days and nights, and tracking when your levels are too high or low. These readings make it easier to see the impact of the food you eat and also help decipher what you need next based on the activities you plan to partake in – essentially guiding you how to keep your sugar levels under control.


Merry mingling

What are the holidays if not getting together with friends and family? It is the time of year for happy get-togethers and heart to heart conversations with those you love! Speaking of matters of the heart – while keeping a check on your health and heart rhythms when managing chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease can be stressful with limited time for in-person doctor consults and check-ups or while out and about, there is hope in the form of health tech! Remote monitoring devices, such as insertable cardiac monitors, help keep you connected, cared for and in-the-know at all times, giving you more control (and comfort) to navigate busy celebrations with ease. Furthermore, since these devices are linked to your mobile phone via apps, your physician has remote access to all your readings, allowing for timely diagnosis and intervention of required.

A Revolution in Glucose Monitoring

Winter escapes

Chilly escapades on your mind for the holidays? Worried about staying on track with nutritional and fitness goals? It can get tough to ensure balanced nutritious meals while travelling and this can often affect various aspects of health as well. Here’s where packing in a little something extra in your travel bags comes in handy. Science-based nutritional supplements can help you buffer up your meals so that your body gets the fuel that it needs to be raring to go wherever the journey takes you. Getting the right mix of essential nutrients is essential for good health...and also helps you be in a good mood at rest and play!

Protective Ties That Bind...Save a Seat for Technology at the Family Table

When managing your health and chronic conditions, the best holiday gift for yourself and your loved ones is peace of mind! Innovations in health tech, such as remote monitoring, wearable devices and power-packed supplements, are allowing us to focus on the most enjoyable aspects of festivities, knowing that our health is being looked after in more ways than one…so you can prep for celebrations, go shopping, enjoy your favorite meals, make travel plans and much more – stress-free, pain-free and freely!

Important safety information

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