When it comes to delivering innovative solutions to the people that we serve, we explore every path to a breakthrough. This means employing a diverse body of people across widespread geographies with the most powerful technologies. The result is an enduring impact on millions of people in their pursuit of healthy lives. In fact, 99,000 Abbott people in over 150 countries are carrying out our mission of advancing global health.  

Our diverse businesses enable us to offer vast solutions to people worldwide during every stage of life and enable them to live not just longer but better.


From infants to the elderly, we offer science-based nutrition products to make every stage of life a healthy one. Our broad line of products, with leading brands like Similac, Ensure, Glucerna, PediaSure, EAS and ZonePerfect, provide people with a variety of health conditions with the nutrients they need to thrive. This commitment to enhancing health and well-being at every stage of life has made us a leading nutrition company.


More advanced medical devices mean faster, more effective and less invasive solutions. From glucose monitoring systems our medical device technologies are designed to enable people to live their everyday lives faster and healthier. Our cutting-edge devices allow physicians and patients to more effectively treat and manage conditions, while enabling patients to more confidently pursue their potential.


In an effort to help doctors determine how to best treat their patients, we have pioneered innovative ways to screen, diagnose, and monitor a vast range of health conditions with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency. With the best information available, doctors can make treatment decisions faster. As a result, we have become a leading name in immunoassay diagnostics, blood screening, bedside testing, and companion diagnostics.


The people we serve trust us to help them keep their bodies and minds in peak condition. We earn this trust by providing high-quality, affordable, branded generic medicines that treat pervasive and persistent health conditions around the world. Innovative formulations are just the beginning. We’ve revolutionized packaging and delivery to address regional needs and provide access to medicines in areas previously beyond the reach of health solutions.

*Our pharmaceutical products are not available in the United States, but please refer to your local Abbott website for more information.