A Revolution in Glucose Monitoring

A revolutionary glucose monitoring device - FreeStyle Libre - has changed how people manage their glucose levels.

Diabetes Care|Jan.21, 2022

Daily glucose monitoring can often be a painful and tedious process that you are probably all too familiar with. Painful fingerpricks and having to carry the glucose monitoring device around and testing strips can make it difficult to stick to a glucose management plan, often leading to further complications down the line.

Abbott's revolutionary glucose monitoring device - FreeStyle Libre - has fundamentally changed how people take charge of their glucose management globally. This revolutionary technology is associated with improved glucose control, a decrease of HbA1c and more time in the target glucose range – leading to better overall health.

What are the differences between FreeStyle Libre and a regular glucometer?

The significant innovation in FreeStyle Libre is its state-of-the-art technology developed to monitor glucose levels 24x7 through a sensor and a reader. This means the user is no longer required to engage in painful fingerpricks, unlike the case with a traditional glucometer. A glucometer only gives a glucose reading at a singular point in time, whereas FreeStyle Libre tracks glucose trends and patterns and gives up to 1440 painless readings a day.

Also, the FreeStyle Libre Reader stores up to 90 days of glucose data and shows 8 hours of glucose readings with a trend arrow that shows if glucose levels are going up, going down or staying steady. This allows users to make better choices about their food, lifestyle, and exercise regimes to keep their glucose levels in range. The FreeStyle Libre reader also features Dual Capability Testing, with a test strip port that measures glucose and blood ketone levels.


How does FreeStyle Libre work?

FreeStyle Libre measures glucose levels through a small, unobtrusive sensor – no bigger than the size of a coin – that is applied to the back of the upper arm. The sensor has a small filament that measures glucose levels in your interstitial fluid and provides real-time glucose readings upto 14 days. The user can check their glucose levels anytime, anywhere by scanning the sensor using the reader. The FreeStyle Libre reader is pocket-sized and can be used over clothes, making testing discreet and convenient.

The device tracks glucose levels seamlessly to give accurate patterns and trends. It also provides the user with access to a complete 24-hour glucose snapshot, including Time in Range, which can help the one make lifestyle changes to manage their glucose levels better.


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