Protective Ties That Bind...Save a Seat for Technology at the Family Table

This year, make some room for those who know you best. How innovative med-tech devices fit into family occasions, seamlessly.

Diabetes Care|Aug.11, 2022

Rakshabandhan, a day to celebrate siblings and the ones who have always had your back. Your first heroes and partners-in-crime; the ones you could always count on for a shoulder to lean on, a reality check, a helping hand and a source of unbridled joy.

While the pandemic, responsibilities or moving away, may have made it hard to get together with the family, technology has helped bridge the gap. Whether it is to share a hilarious meme that reminded you of them or a video call to catch up, technology has made it easier to stay connected. Even more so, to care for one another, keep abreast of a loved one’s health challenges and to know that they are looking after themselves when managing chronic conditions, like diabetes.

Health care innovations today like continuous glucose monitoring systems could give your elder sister / brother competition in the dependability stakes. Discreet sensors provide glucose level trends through the day with real-time monitoring, empowering you to handle your health better

Not unlike protective and hassle-free familial relationships, sensor-based monitoring systems function without causing pain and are extremely convenient. A quick scan of the sensor with a reader provides a real-time glucose reading on demand, without the need of painful, routine finger-pricks.

So, while you heap your plates with love, laughter and some of your favorites foods this Raksha Bandhan, an easy-to-wear continuous glucose monitoring system can go about its work helping you monitor your glucose levels, behind the scenes. When technology like this helps you better manage and navigate life’s various highs and lows, it is, well, like family! Innovative med-tech devices are easy to integrate into your lifestyle and soon become a part of your every day.  Helping you live each day, not just this one, fully