How Tech Can Be Just What The Doctor Ordered!

Innovation in medical devices and monitoring tech is elevating the doctor-patient relationship.

Doctor patient relationship
Products and Innovation | Feb. 3, 2023

“We don’t have Wi-Fi. Talk to each other…” — A popular sign that went ‘viral’ not too long ago, in an apt depiction of our times!

Today, digitization powers every aspect of our lives, but whether it actually empowers the quality of human interaction or diminishes it, is a debate that can divide any room. While the verdict may not be out on this, there’s one connection that digital technology has certainly enhanced— your relationship with your healthcare providers.

Much like any meaningful relationship, the doctor-patient dynamic too is one that thrives when built on trust, and healthcare technology has been a driving force in building that foundation. Where once patients were given a download of their diagnosis based on medical tests, without the agency to better understand their unique case or treatment implications, technology has enabled a healthier interplay— healthcare systems are now designed to give patients remote access to their own data. This increased transparency allows you to engage in a more informed, collaborative dialogue with your doctor, and become an active participant in the decision-making and understanding of your own health. Having remote access to patients’ records is especially useful in maintaining consistency and managing treatment optimally, when there is more than one healthcare professional involved in a care plan.

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Care that is constant
Real-time interaction is so much more than watching current events unfold on platforms online. While we keep track of happenings from across the world, advancements like wearable and insertable technology, remote sensor devices and mobile applications are helping us understand our own bodies better. They not only make healthcare more intuitive for patients, but also give doctors access to periodic data and insights about patients’ health patterns, based on which personalized treatment plans can be tailored.

Connections beyond boundaries
The pandemic has been a stark reminder of the benefits of more seamless and connected relationships, with family, friends and especially the one with our physicians. Long gaps between visits or infrequent consultations means doctors have limited visibility, which could increase the chances of missing out on crucial information relevant to symptoms or treatment. Furthermore, limited visibility into other aspects of a patient’s lifestyle also impact delivery of care. Technology is helping bridge this gap, ensuring that doctors are always up to date on their patients’ health status. In a dynamic condition like diabetes, where glucose levels tend to fluctuate through the day and night, having continuous access to your health data allows your physician to plan and manage your treatment effectively. Thus, remote patient monitoring systems, for conditions like cardiovascular disorders and diabetes, are helping patients be seen and heard even without having to plan a medical consult. 


Rest assured
Gaining access to your own health data equips you with the knowledge to participate in decision-making, but equally importantly, it can give you something that is crucial when dealing with a health condition— peace of mind. Your health device keeps track of your health painlessly, gives you insights that you can trust, while also letting you record your symptoms that your doctor is alerted to, if and when need be.  Medical professionals, too, can present and explain your data to you in a manner that facilitates a more productive conversation regarding diagnosis and treatment.

The quest for quick information has become a way of life. For every question we ever have, our first instinct is to turn to the internet, simply because it responds at the click of a button, in a matter of seconds. However, decision-making requires reliable answers, especially when it involves your health. Healthcare tech is enabling access to accurate, dependable, and timely health data and insights, and facilitating better connectivity between patients and doctors, beyond the bounds of a clinic or hospital. When it comes to healthcare, the human touch is irreplaceable, but one that is backed by irrefutable data and analytics, is invaluable.

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Disclaimer: The information mentioned in this document is only suggestive /for patient education and shall not be considered as a substitute for doctor’s advice or recommendations from Abbott. Please consult your doctor for more information.