From Gestational Diabetes to Type 2 Diabetes Management: For Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, It's a Team Sport

Living Fully|Dec.06, 2018


For Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, family is at the heart of everything. Most of what she has pursued and accomplished today has been for and with the love and support of her family - Rushina emphasises as she preps for her daily evening walk. A confident woman with a beaming a smile that comes straight from the heart but, this prolific food blogger, entrepreneur, mother of two, a wife and, a daughter didn't always have her own well-being on her list of priorities. Her health wake-up call arrived the weekend she was unwell and slept through her daughter's birthday.

The Tipping Point

While in the eighth month of her second pregnancy, a family setback just before her regular health check up revealed that her glucose numbers had shot up, and she was hospitalised to bring it in control. Past family history of diabetes and PCOS played their role in this unexpected turn of her health during pregnancy. For Rushina, emotional stress due to loss of her father in law coupled with the helplessness of not being able to support her husband in the time of need was the trigger that brought her blood sugar issues to the fore.

After a week of hospitalization, Rushina's doctor asked her to continue insulin injections through rest of her pregnancy and on until she was six months postpartum. As a naturally programmed expectant mother would, she took her medications and the precautions quite seriously in the best interest of her unborn child's health.

However, after delivery, her newborn occupied most of Rushina's focus. She tried to stay on course, but would be erratic in her self care, often ignoring signs and skipping exercise, regular check-ups, always promising to see her doctor after she was back on track. She did not understand that this gestational condition, if neglected, could turn in to something that she'd have to tackle for the rest of her life. Which it eventually did. This continued for 10 years with Rushina coasting along. Although Rushina did follow her diet and take medications, she skimped on the exercise required of her let the medicine and diet do most of the heavy lifting.

Taking Control of Her Diagnosis — and Life

So what got her on track?

Her husband – he became her pillar of strength, always urging her on. She fondly recalls how he would push her to take a walk. Ultimately, with his consistent encouragement, exercise became her habit. Today, Rushina swears by 10,000 steps each day, even though she's incredibly busy. She has worked out diet and exercise hacks. If she takes a phone call, she walks around while talking. When she's travelling for work, she carried appropriate foods, asks for her meals to fit diabetic diet requirements and commits to using the hotel gym to stay on top of her exercise.

Well-known in the Indian food industry for more than a decade and, self-admittedly, food obsessed, Rushina has allowed her high-profile career to take centre stage — and yet few people know about Rushina's personal story and struggle with diabetes. That had to change, too, starting with her co-workers.

Talking about how she manages to stick to her diet, she tells us that, along with her family at home, her team at the APB Cook Studio is extremely supportive of her dietary specifications, ensuring she gets her diet requirements and medication on time. Even when eating out, she focuses on eating healthy, nutritious foods that won't spike her blood sugar, and she shares her dietary requirements with the organizers in advance when travelling so her health isn't neglected. She has found that everyone, hotels/chefs/fellow diners are more than happy to accommodate her requests. Even when traveling Rushina makes sure she gets her step count in.

She's Seeing Results

Within less than a year of her taking charge of her lifestyle, Rushina has come a long way toward a healthier and happier life. She has lost quite a lot of weight. She rocks her formal wear to events and is fetching tons of compliments, not only for her work but also for how great she looks - happy, smart, beaming with confidence.

Rushina's newly gained confident stride is a welcoming side effect of a healthy lifestyle. Her family, friends and co-workers are all sensitive to her journey and encourage her to keep going!

Since her diagnosis, Rushina has learned some great life lessons. The most important thing is You have to make the change. The choice to get healthy. And you have to reach out to friends and family, to have them there to support you when you stumble.

Rushina's story is a great example of how you need to navigate your own path when it comes to managing conditions like diabetes but a little help can go a long way. Diabetes doesn't have to dictate your life, YOU need to take charge and move on but you don't have to do it all on your own.


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