We Asked A Million People …

We unpack the fascinating responses from our global survey, to explore how Indians can live their best possible lives.

Living Fully|Feb.28, 2017


“If there is one place on the face of this Earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home,” the French philosopher Romain Rollan once said, “it is India.”

That statement is true now more than ever. The country has never been a more exciting place to achieve your goals. But everyone’s dream is different. That’s why Abbott embarked on a huge global survey, asking people from Shanghai to Sao Paulo to Mumbai what a fulfilled life looks like to them.

The reason? So we can all have a conversation about hopes, happiness and human potential, and zero in on the perfect way to further your goals.

India’s answers offered a fascinating insight into the dreams of people today, and what living fully means. So what did we find out?

Hungry for Success

Proof that Indians are hungry to better themselves in any way possible lies in this simple finding: our India respondents considered success to be the path to fulfilment, more than any other country surveyed.

How you define success is, of course, a question that only you can answer. But at the end of the day it is about setting a goal and accomplishing it — not always an easy task. That’s why we asked Indian life champions to share how crafting a personal mission statement became a roadmap to achievement.

What you told us: “Success in my professional life means happiness in my personal life.”

Family is #1

It was heartening to see that like every other country we asked, Indians rated family as the one thing that fulfils them above all others. But 28% also cited family as a barrier to their success. With that in mind, we’ve crafted stories like this one, helping Indians to turn a simple family meal into a cornerstone of their week. What’s more, it’s a key to health, conversation and even feel-good hormones.

What you told us: “I will make sure I don’t miss a single moment of my son growing up.”

Running Against Time

When there are only 24 hours on the clock, each day can feel like you’re torn between choices. Do I devote my weekend to extra work to achieve success? Or should I spend time with my loved ones? It’s not an easy question, which is perhaps why Indians highlighted time, family and priorities as complexities to living fully.

But since these come up as quite universal themes, advice abounds the Internet on how to slow down the clock and manage work life fusion. Here are some we prepared earlier! Save time with one of our curated stories, 6 Smart Strategies for a Busy Life. Or multitask in the best way possible: by imbuing your vacation with a sense of giving.

What you told us: “I will make time for myself to enjoy each and every moment of my life.”

Attitude is Everything

Think of a person who you feel is living life fully. What do you feel is the secret to their success? If you’re anything like our thousands of Indian respondents, your answer is: ‘their attitude’.

As the wisest people already know, sometimes success is about seeing an obstacle as an opportunity, or actively enjoying each problem that rears its head — simply because it offers a chance for you to tackle it creatively. (Hence our pithy article (*hyperlink once published) on harnessing the uniquely Indian concept of jugaad.)

What you told us: “I will play, sing, dance, smile and laugh every day.”

Join Our Mission

Living fully is a mission, a thrilling project that lets you approach each day with a different question: How can I make the most out of every family meal? Be more adventurous when I travel? More immune to stress by harnessing meditation? How can I turn my commute into the best part of my day?

The questions are endless, and we intend to keep answering them — so you can keep living fully.


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