Keeping Up With Life- How Grit, Support & Tech Helped This 24-year-old Tackle Diabetes

Despite being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 4, Deeksha has built the life she always wanted for herself.

Diabetes Care|Mar.31, 2022

Deeksha is a 25-year-old girl living in Mohali, Punjab. She is deeply passionate about human psychology, practices meditation every day and works as the Head of Community Engagement. What makes Deeksha different is that she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was just 4 year’s old and since then she has successfully and effectively managed this condition while making the most of each new day

The road less travelled.

A family trip to Kolkata turned into a visit to the ICU for the Deeksha. Following a sudden drastic weight loss (almost 4 kgs in 2 days) and an uncharacteristic bed-wetting episode, her parents knew something was not quite right with their daughter’s health. While admitted in the ICU, the doctor’s confirmed that Deeksha had Type 1 diabetes.

The diagnosis came as a shock to Deeksha’s family since they had no history of diabetes on either her maternal or paternal side. They had no knowledge or understanding of this disease and how it needs to be managed but they were determined to not let Deeksha make compromises in her life because of her diagnosis. They immersed themselves in getting the right information and educated themselves on how to manage diabetes for their child.

A balancing act: Deeksha has never known a life without diabetes. That fact is what has empowered her to make the life choices she has. She realized early on that fighting diabetes is not the right way, instead she made diabetes her partner in crime. From learning to inject herself with insulin at the age of 8 years, to creating a great support system around herself that consists of her family, friends, teachers and colleagues to even having the courage to move out of her parents’ house & shift to Mumbai. Living independently was a turning point in her life. Deeksha learned more about herself, her condition and its effects on her body and took charge of her medical management. It is around this time that her endocrinologist first mentioned CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) devices to her to better manage her glucose levels. Deeksha did research, spoke to her dad, doctors and her partner who was already using a CGM device and finally got herself a CGM device to monitor and manage her glucose levels more effectively. Since then, Deeksha has never looked back and the switch to CGM has been a game changer in her journey of living with diabetes.

Not just living, thriving with Diabetes:  Diabetes could not stop Deeksha from manifesting the life she always wanted. Her diagnosis only strengthened her resilient personality and ensure she got the best things in her life; her career as Head of Community Engagement at the Diabetes Foundation (Punjab Chapter), her loving partner who Deeksha met at a diabetes event and a caring community that has been her strongest support and helped her at every stage of her life. A diabetes diagnosis at such a young age could have limited Deeksha’s ambition and drive. A mind like Deeksha’s, that has so many ideas and thoughts on how to achieve more every day, could have been curbed by the physical limitations due to her diagnosis. Thanks to an incredible support system and innovations like CGM, her body is able to keep up with what her mind wants to accomplish.   It helped Deeksha to learn how she could effectively manage her condition so that she controls her diabetes and not the other way around.

Deeksha’s ‘grab life by the horns’ attitude coupled with efficient management of her glucose levels with the help of tech like continuous glucose monitoring has made sure that diabetes has never limited her in any way. Her story is an inspiring one and by sharing it Deeksha is helping more and more people every day, who are on the same journey.

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