Keeping a Close Eye on Glucose Levels During Pregnancy

Gestational diabetes if left unchecked can develop into type 2 diabetes. Effective monitoring can prevent this.

Keeping a Close Eye on Glucose Levels During Pregnancy Keeping a Close Eye on Glucose Levels During Pregnancy

Diabetes Care|Apr.01, 2022

The onset of a pregnancy is a major life event for a woman and the family and can be an emotionally overwhelming. It is also a time when the mother’s body undergoes significant physiological changes to accommodate the arrival of the child. Such significant changes in the body may also, at times lead to the onset of hormonal and metabolic issues like insulin resistance that translate into gestational diabetes.

It may seem daunting then to be diagnosed with gestational diabetes during the pregnancy journey. However , with advancements in diabetes care technology, pregnant women with gestational diabetes can easily, and safely, keep a close eye on their glucose level fluctuations and effectively manage the condition to avoid any long term implications. Gestational diabetes is potentially temporary in nature if coupled with the right intervention but there can be a  risk of this condition transitioning to type 2 diabetes if it is not properly managed.

Continuous glucose monitoring in pregnancy

Gestational diabetes, unlike type 1 and type 2 diabetes, occurs because of the physiological changes that happen during the course of the pregnancy. . This type of diabetes affects almost five million women in India annually. Risk factors that contribute to gestational diabetes are maternal age, being overweight or having a high BMI, having polycystic ovary syndrome, or having a parent or sibling with type-2 diabetes.

The condition poses some health risks for the mom and the baby, including risks of high birth weight, breathing issues for the baby, and in some cases, jaundice. It also poses risks of high blood pressure and preeclampsia for mothers (a potentially fatal condition that may cause damage to organs, including the kidneys).

However, with the latest innovations in diabetic care, gestational diabetes can be managed effectively and with more precision than ever before. Continuous glucose monitoring has the potential to  improve glycemic control and reduce the incidence of pre-eclampsia in the mother. It also has the potential to reduce neonatal hypoglycemia and the need and duration of neonatal intensive care stay.

For many expecting mothers, particularly those who follow a good diet and exercise plan, and well monitored glucose levels gestational diabetes can be temporary and most likely reversible when the baby is born. It can seem overwhelming to tightly regulate & monitor glucose levels, but by being empowered with the right tools and knowledge, one can maneuver the condition.

Technologies that help you monitor glucose levels

Glucose management is a critical aspect that contributes towards a healthy pregnancy. In an ideal scenario, keeping the mother's glucose levels around normal or near to normal levels before conception and after conception is recommended. One of the robust tools that helps monitor glucose levels closely is a continuous glucose monitoring system, also known as a CGM. What do you mean in this para?Is it preventive usage?

Recent technological advancements have simplified a CGM device to a small wearable sensor synced with wireless near-field readers. The device automatically tracks your glucose levels day and night unlike a traditional blood glucose monitor that only gives you your current glucose reading.

The device has additional insights into your glucose level, for example where it currently stands, when it increased or dipped - without pricking your finger.

By continuously monitoring your glucose levels as you go through your daily activities, a CGM becomes a source of robust and precise data of your glucose levels.   You and your healthcare practitioner can track this data through an app and this aids in designing a better, more targeted treatment plan for you.

Healthy mother, healthy child

While pregnancy brings joy, it does come with its own set of challenges. With advanced technologies such as the CGM system, you can tackle/ take care of at least one challenge of keeping a closer eye on your glucose levels easily. Even with gestational diabetes, you can still have a healthy and happy pregnancy by putting all efforts to maintain your glucose levels within desired target range. Pregnancy is the start of something special and beautiful, so make sure you give yourself and your baby a healthy start for a brighter tomorrow! 

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