The Diet for Diabetes Reversal: A Review of The End of Diabetes

Diabetes Care|Jun.27, 2018


We Indians live to eat. There's no denying that. What with all the dal makhanis and butter chickens, the rasmalais and jamuns, we're always looking to satisfy our 8,000 taste buds! It can be tough toeing the line with such love for food and managing conditions like diabetes. That's why Dr. Joel Fuhrman's book The End of Diabetes: The Eat to Live Plan to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes is a real eye-opener.

If you believe that diabetes is a lifelong condition that cannot be regulated, you're in for a real surprise with this book! Dr. Fuhrman, a renowned physician and bestselling author, not only shows you how to lose weight, but also, how to reverse diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, while taking control of your health and life. His mantra is simple: reducing and preventing diabetes does not require a prescription. It requires a change in the way we eat.

"...trying to eat fewer calories is ineffective and almost futile. The secret is to desire fewer calories. The high consumption of low-calorie, high-nutrient foods such as raw vegetables, cooked greens, beans and seeds prepared in delicious combinations makes you feel physically full from all the fibre and satisfied from all the chewing. You lost the addictive cravings and then you simply and naturally desire less food."

Armed with a nutritional plan devised and tested over 20 years (on more than 10,000 patients), Dr. Fuhrman outlines a simple plant-based diet for diabetes that can put anyone back in shape. All you need to do is follow one easy formula:

Your Health Future (H) = Nutrients (N) / Calories (C)

This formula, Fuhrman explains, means your health is determined by the nutrient-per-calorie density of your diet. When you eat more foods that have a high-nutrient density (green vegetables, berries, beans, mushrooms, onions, seeds) and fewer foods with a low-nutrient density, your health will drastically improve and your diabetes will slow down. He strongly believes that the body is designed for wellness and when you give your body the necessary tools (in the form of nutrients), it will heal itself.

Eat Better. Curb Diabetes. That's the true essence of The End of Diabetes and Dr. Fuhrman successfully manages to put that across in the most engaging way possible. With meal plans and recipes, backed by solid science, this page-turner shows you how you can take charge of your health by just eating better. The book also goes into great detail about how the standard diet causes diabetes, how the disease evolves, and how traditional medical treatments affect the course of the condition.

To sum the book up, The End of Diabetes is designed not just for diabetics, but for anyone who wishes to lead a disease-free life. What makes The End of Diabetes so convincing is not the fact that Furhman is an esteemed doctor who's a specialist in the field. It's that all his advice is derived from his patients' remarkable stories and medical histories. The nutritarian diet he prescribes has helped thousands shed their weight and lead a fulfilling life. Any diet with such a high success rate is surely worth a shot.


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