AGAINST ALL ODDS - How Shiv’s heart is thriving, thanks to a pea-sized miracle

Born Premature With A Congenital Heart Condition, Shiv Now Has A Chance To Lead A Normal Life

Birth at just 27 weeks. Born with a congenital heart defect - a life-threatening opening between two blood vessels in his heart. The odds were stacked against Shiv from his very first day but with the support of a determined and dedicated family, skilled group of doctors, coupled with ground breaking innovations in cardiovascular & neonatal technology, today Shiv is a happy, healthy 5 year old who got a second chance in life and he is making the most it.

A pea- sized miracle in a path breaking device

Shiv was born with one of the most common congenital heart defects - Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) a potential life-threatening opening between two blood vessels leading from the heart. Within a week of his birth, doctors informed Shiv's parents that he would need surgery to stay alive.

Things weren’t looking too good. Shiv was losing weight which wasn’t a good sign. That is when Shiv’s doctor suggested that there might a way. With the smallest PDA closure device, and the only device in India especially designed for premature babies, Shiv had a chance.

This minimally invasive closure device specifically designed for premature babies and new-borns helps to correct PDA without the need for an open-heart surgery. The procedure involves implanting a pea-sized device, through a minimally invasive procedure and is placed into position to seal the opening in the heart. The device is a critical advancement in the standard of care for the most vulnerable of premature babies who may otherwise not be able to undergo surgery to repair their hearts.

With this latest new technology, Shiv's procedure successfully closed his PDA. Post the procedure, within three days Shiv opened his eyes for the first time and was able to breathe on his own; giving his parents and doctors some hope for his survival.


Chance at a normal life

Today, Shiv is almost five years old and is one the happiest and naughtiest child according to his father. He mingles with his friends, loves to watch cartoons and can navigate a mobile device all by himself without much help from anyone.

Shiv's parents have immense gratitude to the doctors who suggested the procedure and the technological advancements like the transcatheter treatment that gave Shiv a fighting chance at life. They live each day as it comes and are extremely hopeful for Shiv's future. They have dreams of Shiv studying well and building a successful career for himself someday. For them Shiv being alive, staying happy and playful in the moment is what matters the most.

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