Ways To Keep The Seasonal Flu At Bay

Boosting immunity so that you can seize the day.

Ways To Keep The Seasonal Flu At Bay

Cozy socks, steaming cups of tea and post-holiday feels; there's nothing quite as warm as the beginning of the year! A drop in temperatures and a seasonal shift follows a busy social calendar packed with festivities and fun...until you feel that annoying itch in your throat, a tingle in your nose and heaviness in your body. Unfortunately, it is also the season for weather-related ailments like seasonal flu. However, a few timely precautions can help you be better prepared for flu season the next time the temperature is set to drop.

Sudden shifts in weather, especially the advent of cooler temperatures and drier air (which certain viruses tend to thrive in) can trigger infections and illnesses like the flu, and challenge your immune system. Easily transmitted and with symptoms like fatigue, high fever, body ache, joint pain and a stuffy or runny nose, dealing with influenza is definitely exhausting.

Here are a few actionable steps you can take to improve your immunity and help tide you over complications from changes in weather:

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Balancing the (food & vaccine) act

A balanced and healthy diet is essential for a strong immune system, with different nutrients having their own role in keeping you and your system healthy. Aim for a fiber-rich diet, packed with powerhouse micro-nutrients like iron, vitamins, zinc and probiotics. If you think that your daily diet is lacking or not well balanced, speak to your physician about nutritional supplements that can help you take care of deficiencies and meet your body’s needs for better immune function. Get stronger from the inside out, to stave off seasonal maladies. The importance of vaccinations was brought to the forefront once again, due to the COVID-19 pandemic! It is important to know that the flu vaccine is one of the most effective ways to prevent seasonal influenza and is usually administered annually to help provide continued protection over time. The vaccine is even more imperative for people who are at high risk from being impacted by complications arising from the flu, such as senior citizens and those with chronic health conditions.

Burn the calories and lift those weights

While we often think of exercise as a means to tone up, lose weight or improve stamina, it also does wonders for your immune system and helps you get fitter from within. Exercise helps improve blood flow and the circulation of white blood cells – your immune system’s guardians against disease. Go for a walk or a run, practice yoga, hit the gym or just put on some music and dance… ensure that consistent movement (in any form you enjoy) is a part of your everyday life, to fully benefit your physical and mental health!

Get enough rest – it is underrated

An often overlooked part of building better health habits, sleep is essential to improve immune function. Inadequate sleep is linked to a higher risk of contracting infections and can also inhibit the production of antibodies and decrease the production of cytokines – which help protect against inflammation and infections. If you are having trouble falling asleep and getting the 7-8 hours of rest your body needs, start with simple measures like cutting down on caffeine before bedtime and other stimulants. A digital detox surely will help powering off from devices a couple of hours before bedtime is a good idea.


Continuing with habits developed during the course of the pandemic, help with preventing the seasonal flu as well. A simple solution that adds protection is increased hand washing during flu season. The influenza virus is highly infectious, very easily transmissible and can spread through contact with people and surfaces. Regularly washing your hands with soap (or using sanitizers when there are no facilities for handwashing) is one of the recommended measures to help cut down the risk. From public seating to elevator buttons and office supplies – the many surfaces we touch during the the day can be a breeding ground for various germs and bacteria. So, remember to lather up several times a day! 

Give your immune system a fighting chance against seasonal illnesses before flu season comes around again. A few lifestyle tweaks, backed by modern healthcare solutions, can help you deal better with shifts in weather and the potential problems they may bring with them. Boosting your immunity has long-ranging benefits that will help you live an active and healthy life, come snow or sunshine!

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