Enjoy Life with a Healthy Gut: The Ultimate Guide


The human body is a beautiful, intricate system with many subsystems within it. Without us knowing or realizing, our body works tirelessly every day to maintain peak efficiency so that we enjoy life. One such super-efficient systems is our gastrointestinal system, also known as the gut. This is easily one of the most complex systems, the sheer detailing of which along with its working mechanisms can only be compared to the maze-like structure of the brain. Much like the brain, the gut plays a big role in keeping us healthy and happy.

Gut Health is a Choice. Make it.

While the benefits of maintaining gut health are extolled worldwide, it has a special resonance for Indians, given how important food is in every Indian family. As any Indian child will tell you, all motherly and familial love is routed via food, making sure that the child eats enough and well. It is the centre of all celebrations, rituals, and occasions and is indispensable to enjoying life. However, despite our rich culinary culture and love for food, we have surprisingly little knowledge about what actually makes the gut tick and keeps it healthy. This is largely because of the taboo around digestion since gut health is not really considered dinner-table conversation! Contrary to what we think, this plumbing system with its series of connected pipes is one of the largest and the more complex organ of our body. Not even the brain perched at the top can stay unaffected by this organ system.

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Obtaining information about anything related to the body or medicine can be quite complicated and confusing. A Google search often reveals all the answers but it's a rabbit hole that throws up a lot of information but little wisdom. So, does this mean that you need to read medical books and scour the internet for complex research papers if you are dedicated to improving your gut health? Not really! Dr. Guilia Enders makes it easy by writing a book that takes you through the digestion process in a seamless and understandable language.

The One Stop Shop for All You Need to Know About Your Gut

"Gut: The inside story of our body's most underrated organ" by Giulia Enders, is a labour of love, hard work, and complete dedication to the subject at hand. Born out of the author's own experiences with gut health issues, it begins with her own story, which provides deep insights into how an unhealthy gut can cause a lot of trouble. Dr. Enders relates the problems she faced and the circumstances that led her to pursue a medical degree and then, focuses on the gastrointestinal tract. As we know, the most dedicated quests in medicine (or any other field, really) are often born out of personal experiences. But, just because our author is a doctor, don't expect a dry, factual, medical tome! The entire narrative is peppered with engaging anecdotes and stories of important discoveries about gut health via the author's experiences and those of others. So, it's really not surprising how popular this book has become in India as well as the world over!

The Gut: Demystified

Written in simple, easy to understand language, this book provides clear, concise, categorized information about the gastrointestinal tract. It explains the basic structure (anatomy) and function (physiology) of the gut, and then, talks about the most important component of all – the bacteria that live in there. You didn't think the gut was just an empty tube, did you? It's these little gut-dwellers that work hard to make sure you eat, digest, absorb, and evacuate as you should. Dr. Enders gives us a fascinating insight into the secret life of these creatures that're actually responsible for our gut health and hold a strong influence on our overall health and ability to enjoy life. For example, did you know that your gut "microbe print" (analysis of the exact types and proportions of bacteria in an individual's gut) is as unique as your fingerprint? No two people have the exact same microbe print, not even identical twins brought up in the same environment! We are blessed with these gut-dwellers at birth, and they interact with factors inside and outside our body to provide us with our own unique recipe to enjoy life. The study of microbe prints has far-reaching implications on the way we manage not only our physical, but also mental health. Conditions we did NOT think were related to gut health actually happen to be closely linked to it, such as depression and anxiety disorders. The book goes a step further and talks about how the latest trend of probiotics may be the key to unlocking the mysteries of several diseases.

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This book has initiated an open dialogue about a rarely discussed health issue. The easily understandable information presented in an engaging way enhances the reader's interest, making him/her finish the book to fully understand digestion and related issues. This book makes for a good, engaging, and fun read that's bound to surprise, intrigue and amaze you. It's funny, touching, and fluidly written -- a must read for medicos and laymen alike.


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