Changing the Menopause Conversation One Story at a Time

Menopause. Every woman experiences it. Few talk about it.


"Menopause is not just about coping with physical and biological symptoms. It’s also about how one feels going through it. Despite, hurdles coming our way, we must learn to make the best of it and find a way to thrive” Reeva, 54, Asansol

By 2025, there will be 1.1 billion women like Reeva: menopausal or post-menopausal.

Women in the prime of their life.

Women all around the world and in every corner of the globe, from India to China, Mexico to Brazil and more.

Women at the height of their careers.

Women whom society depend upon.

Women who agreed to share their stories.

And what they told is that many women find this life stage — along with the changes their bodies are going through — difficult. Some feel as if their body is betraying them. Everything they had felt so sure about in the past is suddenly changing.

Individual Women, Individual Experiences

Menopause is one of the biggest biological shifts a woman endures.

Her hormone levels drop. Her periods stop, along with production of eggs.

These changes can bring with them a variety of challenging physical and emotional symptoms which each woman experiences in their own way. There are more than 40 symptoms associated with menopause, and how a woman’s body responds to them can vary day to day.

As there is no one common menopause reality, many women go through it feeling alone and isolated. They often suffer in silence, thinking that these symptoms are just another sign of aging and it can trigger uncertainty and questioning after having reached this middle age phase.

“The mood swings, the lack of sleep, the lack of energy…it all started to make sense.” Prisha, 58, Bangalore

Despite 47 million women entering menopause each year, this natural part of growing older is still something few people talk about. Social stigma and lack of awareness of what’s happening to their bodies means many women may have never had a conversation about menopause. Studies suggest that half of women suffering symptoms don’t seek any medical help at all.

Women around the world wrestle with sometimes debilitating symptoms without seeking medical support simply because they feel uncomfortable talking about it.

Tips to Stay Healthy with Menopause

"The Next Chapter" features stories about menopause from women around the world. The book is available in four languages and each book was illustrated by a local woman artist. Click the image for more.

It's Time to Change the Conversation

With little information out there about menopause, what could be an exciting new chapter in a woman's life can feel challenging.

At Abbott, we believe good health is vital for everyone to be able to live their best lives. And the first step to a healthier life is knowledge and understanding.

From talking with women in India, China, Mexico and Brazil comes "The Next Chapter," a collection of first-person accounts of menopause, where both the hidden worries and surprising joys that can accompany this new stage of life are candidly shared.

“There were uneasy things about it, yes, such as being surrounded by young women on the brink of starting their lives. So much promise ahead of them while many of my experiences were behind me! That was unsettling, some days. But in a way, isn’t that beautiful too? I teach literature, so I feel there is poetry in all of this…the next chapter.” – Samaira, 60, New Delhi

While every woman and her menopause are unique, simply talking and learning about menopause can help women prepare for what’s coming. And, if they're prepared, they’re also ready to manage whatever symptoms may come.

“I feel like menopause is something only women who have gone through it can truly understand. Many in my group had depression, some much worse than I did. We would share our methods of coping and sometimes just have a good old rant. Their support got me through.” - Riya, 60, Kolkata

Menopause shouldn't prevent women from living their fullest lives. Women can continue to live healthy lives before, during and after menopause.

We're working hand-in-hand with healthcare professionals to change how they support women going through this stage of life. We're helping physicians, doctors and nurses understand menopause better, so they can offer the best care. We're also sharing resources to ensure women have easily accessible information on menopause to take charge of their own health.

“I finally met this amazing doctor, the gentlest human being, who specializes in hormones. He explained that when your body is not getting enough estrogen, it stores fat in an attempt to make more of the hormone.” Aditi, 48, Mumbai, India

We need to start normalizing the conversation around menopause so that each and every woman can fully embrace this chapter in their lives.

It's essential to empower women around the world by giving them the space to take back control of their health and share their own lived experiences of menopause.“We’ve built deep compatibility over the decades and menopause has only strengthened our relationship.” Aarushi, 49, Mumbai, India

Championing Women’s Healthcare Needs: Towards Equity & Empowerment

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