How Our Real Heroes Are Making The Most of This Festive Week

Living Fully|Oct.19, 2017

Diwali, is probably, one of the festivals we look forward to the most. For a lot of people, Diwali is the highlight of the year. The vivid colours that light up homes come sundown, the beautiful rangolis, the joyous reunions and just the general air of festivities around makes it hard not lose yourself in it all. Personally, I'm a little too partial towards Diwali compared to other festivals. Diwali holds this special place for different reasons and we thought this would be a great time to catch up with our "Real Heroes" to find out all about 'their' Diwali and why it is their favourite time of the year. Here's what they had to say

Getaway Diwali

For Priya Patel, this is a treasured opportunity to get away from the city to the quiet beaches surrounding the outskirts of Mumbai. Diwali is about taking a break and getting some time for herself, kick back and relax; with her family and her beloved pooch, by the soothing sounds of the lapping ocean. Though this peaceful plan isn't without its element of suspense. Priya has yet to decide where this Diwali will take her and, at the point in time, she'll need all the luck to get her there.

Family Diwali

Our assistant director, Shivani Vyas, perky as ever, is headed over to Kerala for a little family get together and a dialled down Diwali. Staying away from home makes Diwali very special for Shivani. It's her annual family reunion with her folks and two older brothers. For Shivani, the real cracker, though, is the chance to wear a sari (draped by mum, of course!)

Celebratory Diwali

It looks like it'll be quite an eventful Diwali for Col. Rangi, our production controller. Top of the list is the government ban on the sale of crackers which he welcomes most heartily. Next, Col. Rangi will be playing host to a French guest this Diwali. One of his daughter's friend has decided to experience the great Indian festival of light and Col. Rangi is more than happy to play the host. The usual, quiet celebration with a Laxmi puja at home has taken on a new life with his daughter's national win in a shooting championship. His daughter, Drishti, bagged a gold in the 10-metre air pistol round; breaking the national level record set in 2015. What's got Col. Rangi even more excited is the visit from his older daughter who lives away from home in a hostel. Looks like it'll be a full house!

Working Diwali

True to his form and story, Tushar's Diwali celebrations might just happen in the studio. After recovering, Tushar has had a flurry of exciting projects come his way which have kept him crazy busy (but good-crazy he claims). His current project is a docu-film on food and is set to air the week of Diwali. So, his plans to head home and spend some time with his family hang in the balance; come Wednesday the call shall be made (we hope he makes it!)

Everyday Diwali

This came as no shock for a person who lives each day like it is a festival. Our producer, Prithvi Luthra, doesn't make too much fuss about Diwali. In fact, he might spend this Diwali working, creating brilliant stories (like he did for us). Once that is wrapped up, it'll be his home, his wife, one furry canine and, hoping against hope, a crackerless evening.

Mix-it-Up Diwali

For our director, Nitish Sharma, it is a Diwali first – In Goa. For Nitish, Diwali celebrations have always been about pretty lights and flowers, decorating the house and the ceremonial phooljhadi to kick-off the celebrations. This year though, between work and more work, Nitish is mixing it up with stealing away sometime for a last-minute celebration with his wife and friends in Goa. Diwali, beach vacation, spouse time – all rolled in to one. It's touch and go, for Nitish, come the day after Diwali and he will be heading back to doing what he does best – creating new stories.

Diwali, quite literally, is all about coming back home. For me that's probably what makes is special – folks, friends and festivities.

Family, travel, furry buddies, me-time everyone's got their own flavour to unlock what this festival has to offer. When we're healthy, we all shine a little brighter. We possess a kind of joyful glow that comes from the absence of doubt and uncertainty. And it's a brightness that illuminates not just ourselves, but everyone around us. This Diwali, with good health on your side, even you can discover your own light.


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