Pearls of Wisdom from Women of India

Hear the sage advice that motivates these Indian women, every day.

Living Fully|Feb.28, 2017


To celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March we asked women in India: “What are the stories and quotes that inspire, motivate or salve you?”

Live in the Moment

A mantra or quote that helps me every day is ‘isso passa'. My best friend from university is Brazilian, and this is a saying she used to repeat often. It translates to 'everything passes' or 'this too shall pass'.

This helps me both when times are good and bad because I know that nothing is permanent and it's important to live in the moment.

— Pooja Dhingra, a successful pastry chef and businesswoman known as India’s ‘macaron queen’.

Fortune Favours the Patient

Dad always says, “Patience over power; there’s no advantage to hurrying through life. Go slow and enjoy it.” Oh, he also says, “Luck and timing are the key secrets to any success.” So don’t underestimate the power of being at the right place at the right time.

— Alisha Mittra, Assistant Manager at American Express

We Are all Traffic!

My friend is positivity personified. I remember when I was a teenager, sitting in a roasting rickshaw in the middle of the day, and we weren’t moving an inch.

I said, “I hate the traffic!”

She said, “Sweetie, you’re traffic, too.”

I didn’t really get it back then, but now I see her point. We project our anger to other people, not realising we’re also part of the same system — or sometimes even part of the problem. I can get angry at a colleague, but what would be the point? He’s probably also frustrated about something. So is there actually anything I can change about this “traffic jam” moment, or is there no point in me being mad?

“You’re traffic, too” has helped me be more understanding — and to try to savour even the boring moments of life. Even in a traffic jam, you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

— Priya Kapoor, digital designer

Failing is Necessary

My Mum always told me, “If you never fail, you never appreciate success.” I know; it’s super-cheesy. But because I pressure myself so much and need everything to be perfect all the time, it helps me to just take a step back, try my best and, sometimes, just let things be.

— Ani Bachal, post-graduate psychology student


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