What’s Your Fullosophy?

Living fully means something unique for every person. So what does it look like to the attendees of TEDxGateway Mumbai 2015?

Living Fully|Mar.06, 2017


What’s your idea of how to live the best life possible? That’s the definition of “fullosophy”. The traditional answer to that question for many Indian families is to pursue a high-paying job; often by majoring in science-related courses.

But the majority of attendees and speakers at the recent TEDxGateway 2015 event in Mumbai believe in a fullosophy that combines passion with career. They admit that, despite the possibility of failure, they still prefer to pursue innovation and entrepreneurship. In essence, to forge their own path.

Don’t believe it? Just ask some of the attendees at this illustrious event.

1. Plant Seeds of Passion

Like Udit Khanna, an investment banker who recently quit his job to get into landscaping. “It is important to be more honest with yourself. My dad and I were always passionate about plants. And I figured out that this is what I want to do,” says the founder of Root Bridges.

2. Find Your Rhythm

For Vidur Murali, a 25-year-old entrepreneur, living a full life means finding a balance between what you want to do and what you should do. “I wanted to go to the NH7 Weekender music festival in Mumbai, but I attended TEDxGateway because that’s what I am supposed to do.”

The founder of Monkey Chai Studio, a freelance software company, believes passion and risk-taking are an integral part of his life. He doesn’t believe in doing things in well-trodden, traditional ways.

“When I quit my high-paying job in the US and came back home, my family definitely got a shock. They think that you can make wealth only if you stay in a company for a long time. But I believe that you should take the road less travelled, as creativity will automatically come when you do something that you are passionate about,” says Murali.

3. Surround Yourself with Love

Family is what makes Parika Ghotikar’s life complete. The Vice President of HD Fire Protect Private Ltd shares that previously, “I was working with Deloitte in the US and had to travel a lot. It was impossible to think about starting a family.”

Now, she says, “I love to watch my children growing up in front of me. That’s the reason why I joined my family business. Today, I have the flexibility to work as well as stay with my children.”

4. Step Up to the Jet-Set

Ask Anubhav Vanmali, a management professional working with an IT company who travels every three months to international and national locations, how to break the monotony of the corporate rat race.

He’ll tell you, “People ask me how I manage to do so many trips in a year. In fact, it’s just a matter of planning. It gives me immense happiness, as well as exposure to new cultures and people,” grins the certified toastmaster.

5. Re-master Your Image

While some of the dreams of the attendees were planet-sized, others had more personal wishes, like freedom from expectations of their family and friends.

“Everybody attaches a lot of importance to the perceived image of themselves. But it’s important to let go and do what you want to do,” says Sraddha Geevith, Architect, Design Nexus Architects.

Examining your own fullosophy could be exactly what you need to move your life forward.

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