The clock never stops for actor Megha Gupta

Actor Megha Gupta shares her story of managing her hypoglycemia with a hectic work schedule with the help of FSL.

Diabetes Care|Feb.09, 2022

Acting is an art that requires you to be transparent in order to connect with the audience. I have found that being open about who I am was the best way to do so. As someone who is suffering with hypoglycemia, I did not want to shy away from the reality of it. Instead, I resolved to share my experiences with as many people as I could.

That is why, when Freestyle Libre came into my life, I just knew I had to spread the word. After all, how many times in your life do you come across a pain-free and prick-free glucose monitoring device? Even amidst tight schedules that barely leave me with any time, I have made it a point to talk about this one-of-a-kind device. The contribution it has made in making my life healthier is unparalleled.

Physical fitness is an extremely important aspect of my life. As a performer, I have to make sure I am at the top of things all the time. Grilling workout routines and never-ending training sessions take up a big chunk of my day. I am either sweating it out at the gym or taking a dip in the pool. Throughout the exertion of it all, it is very important that I keep checking my glucose levels. A low glucose level makes me feel weak and dizzy. It can also lead to serious long term health complications in the future.

But Abbott’s Freestyle Libre has helped me tackle the pressure of it all. With it, I can easily check my glucose levels any given time with a simple scan. The only thing I have to do is place the monitoring device on my arm, scan the sensor and I get instant, real-time readings of my glucose levels. The product’s compact nature makes it easily portable. It is discreet and lightweight, and I can barely ever feel it. Owing to this, I can seamlessly move in and out of my usual rigid schedules without missing a single beat.

The Freestyle Libre is pretty unique due to its pain-free monitoring feature that does not require you to prick your finger for your glucose readings. For me however, it is its water-resistant quality that sets it apart from every other device. I sweat out at the gym and jump into the pool without worrying about damaging the sensor. It is even more convenient because the reader has the ability to scan over clothes and get an instant update. In addition to this, it gives a trend arrow which tells me when my glucose levels are going low. I can then immediately medicate myself if the need arises.

As an actor, I have to follow different nutritional plans. Often, I find myself in the middle of strict dietary regimens. This glucose monitoring device further helps me by providing insights and perspectives on where my glucose level is headed based on the food that I eat. It can range from high, low to a stable glucose level. This lets me stay informed and make the right choices on what to have in the menu. I can have all the information I need with just one easy scan. There is no more guesswork!

Abbott’s Freestyle Libre has dramatically changed my life. I have been able to build a healthy lifestyle despite everything, all thanks to this device. Its compact and efficient working system has given me the freedom to move about my daily activities without slowing down. Apart from providing me with my glucose patterns and detailed daily charts, it has reduced a lot of my worries. The device tags along with me everywhere I go and I am always reassured about my well-being. I have found a workout buddy in the handy Freestyle Libre and I am never letting it go.

I have talked about the benefits of this feature and the effect it has had on my lifestyle. But on an extremely personal note, I really could not be happier to have found the Freestyle Libre. It has done wonders in putting my mind to ease. I do not find myself in an anxious spot about my glucose level anymore because everything is just a scan away.

Allow the Freestyle Libre to provide you with the comfort, accuracy, and assurance you’ve always dreamed of and deserved.

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