Diet for Diabetes - "Healthy Indian Cooking for Diabetics" Book Review

Diabetes Care|Jun.28, 2018


Meal planning for people with diabetes is extremely important. It can make or break the management of their health condition. So, when one of India's most recognised figures in food and a leading nutritionist came together to re-engineer diet for diabetes, we decided to dabble into their work. Their book is full of delicious recipes for those who have diabetes, proving that you don't have to forego your favorite Indian dishes due to this disease.

"Healthy Indian Cooking for Diabetes" is a new revelation, introducing food as a way to heal and recover from diabetes. It changes not just what you eat, but even what you know about food and cooking, and gives a new understanding to the catchphrase "You are what you eat"!

Healthy Cooking for People with Diabetes

In their book "Healthy Indian Cooking for Diabetes", Azima Govindji and Sanjeev Kapoor, the authors make insightful revelations, not only about the alterations to popular recipes to make them diabetic-friendly but on the many aspects of food and diet that affect diabetes.

People with diabetes often encounter disappointment when trying to rework their diet to suit their condition, because of the mistaken belief that they must reconcile themselves to limited food choices. This book addresses this problem in a holistic way.

In the book, Sanjeev Kapoor, a celebrated, award-winning chef and Azima Govindji, a leading dietician and nutritionist, come together to include all the knowledge required to manage diabetes through food and diet. Knowing the problem implies that half the battle's won. Knowledge about the nature of food items which can heal or harm, and the scenarios for these then, go a long way in assisting a revision of lifestyles. This book is a great asset to anyone who wants to incorporate a healthy diet fine-tuned for their condition.

Every Meal As Per Diet for People with Diabetes

There is a clear description of eating habits, meal plans, how a diabetic can balance different nutrients and minerals in their diet, and how they can add components to their daily meals. This will enable a quick recovery. Along with this are explained steps that must be adopted to avoid worsening of the health conditions.

People with diabetes are at times prone to swapping ingredients in popular dishes while keeping track of the proportions to be maintained. Doing so enables them to understand what food items will work well in which types of preparations and how the taste of the original dish will be impacted. The delicious recipes outlined in this book, however, does not make one feel that anything is amiss or has been specifically changed! The dishes look and taste just like the originals. There are also numerous guidelines on how the style of cooking must be changed (like changing the types of oils, the foods that should be changed, in general etc.) so optimise the nutritional value of each dish.

There are recipes for all types of dishes – breakfast, light meals, main course, breads, cooking meat and fish, and dessert. Indians are, by nature, partial to their sumptuous portions that not just fill, but also fulfill. These dishes ensure that people with diabetes are not denied that opportunity. Diet for diabetes is no longer an elusive subject and this book seals the deal. The solutions cited are easy to prepare and wholesome.

Preparation of Palak Paneer

The book also give our most beloved "palak paneer" a diabetes-friendly twist. The recipe described here when prepared according to the instructions results in a smashing dish! The ingredients were easy to obtain and the method of preparation simple to follow. Though I have created this dish multiple times before, this recipe made it exceptionally delectable, without introducing any complicated methods or ingredients into the recipe, and making it diabetic friendly at the same time. The preparation took approximately 60-90 minutes, including all the steps. Palak paneer is a popular dish and one which is very rich in nutrients. I thoroughly enjoyed savouring the dish with chapatis and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone - diabetic or otherwise.

Diabetes is manageable and can entail a normal life with a proper diet. This book is one such resource that can help you get there. Food can be an aid to health and recovery for people with diabetes instead of an obstacle and something you need to compromise on.


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