Mumbai, August 7, 2018: Abbott, the global healthcare company, has unveiled its latest campaign in India focusing on how people are living a full life with diabetes, thanks to modern healthcare. The initiative stems from the success of its last year’s Real Heroes campaign. The objective of the campaign this year is to help inspire people through positive conversations to live their best lives, despite the challenges they may face after being diagnosed with diabetes.

This year’s campaign titled ‘Be Brave. Be Bold.’ is in continuation to the last year’s ‘REAL FILM. REAL HEROES’ theme and focuses on how with the help of Abbott’s breakthroughs, modern healthcare has helped people push past possible and have a life full of rich experiences and fulfilling moments.

Commenting on the campaign, Vivek Mohan, Divisional Vice President, Corporate Global Marketing, Abbott said, “Everyday around the world, Abbott helps people live their best lives with our life changing technology. This film shows inspiring people not letting diabetes stop them from having amazing experiences. The campaign aims to remove the stigma associated with having diabetes, and provides those diagnosed with it with knowledge that can help them overcome challenges they may face, and unlock all that life has to offer."

With India currently representing 49 percent of the world’s diabetes burden, with an estimated 72 million cases in 2017 (Indian Council for Medical Research report), Abbott’s film and campaign intends to help people better manage diabetes through inspirational stories and educational content. The campaign continues to use real people stories to drive the message of living a full life through the power of health. The film created for social media, uses real profile pictures of 100+ people with diabetes, leading, happy, healthy lives.